Nothing makes me feel lamer than having a curfew.

It’s pretty embarrassing to tell a girl you’re trying to impress, who is the same age. “oh, I gotta go home now, I have to be home by 10” even though the night just began… it takes like 30 minutes to get home because the bus is so slow… so I have to buffer the time by leaving around 9:00 to get to the bus stop from wherever I am and to wait for it at 9:30.

Useless but totly FUCKING AWESOME fact


The Spanish word "Salsa" has uncanny likeness, when spoken, to the Korean word "설사 (seolsa)", meaning "diarrhea"!

You sir, are a man amongst children.

Anonymous asked:
could you try to make a gif of sarang crying in the ottogi cf? i know theres the other ones you all ready posted, but it was cute when she first started to cry as soon as her dad says "you got to grow up" or something like that..


Here you go!